Mom left baby to die in scorching car while she took a nap: cops

A 3-month-old Kansas girl died after hours inside a sweltering car while her mother was home napping, according to reports — marking the 11th tragedy of its kind this year.

The 44-year-old mom returned from a Saturday morning baby shower to her home outside Rose Hill — about 20 miles southeast of Wichita — and headed inside to lay down, apparently forgetting the youngest of her six kids in the car, according to ABC affiliate KAKE-TV.

“She’d been up some of the night before off and on. Don’t know if it was the children or for what reason, but she felt like she needed a nap,” Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet told the outlet. “She laid down about 12:30 p.m., and slept until about 4:00.”

When she awoke, the mom — who has not been publicly named — raced outside, but it was too late.

The infant was unresponsive in the back of the car, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It is a tragedy,” said Herzet. “A 3-month-old child dying, whether it be in the hands of a perpetrator or in a car, is still a child.”

An autopsy is scheduled to determine precisely how the child died, and the sheriff’s office is investigating.

The tot is already the 11th child to die inside a hot car in 2019, following a record high of 52 such deaths in 2018, according to advocacy group Kids and Cars.

The latest death comes less than a week after 11-month-old Joseline Eichelberger died after being left inside a scorching car for at least 15 hours.

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