Milan Fashion Week: The mysterious masked guest at Fendi

Crazy ensembles and famous faces are prevalent during fashion week, but when a mysterious masked character in a wild outfit shows up, there are bound to be questions.

A masked attendee was front and center at the Fendi show during Milan Fashion Week, leaving many wondering who the disguised person was.

Meet @checking_invoices, an “anonymous duo based nowhere,” according to their Instagram. The pair frequently don skin-tight bodysuits that cover their entire body — including their heads — in fashionable patterns.

For the Fendi show, one member of the twosome took over the @fisforfendi account for the day and was granted backstage access with a front-row seat, which had onlookers gawking.

When Simone Marchetti, editor in chief of Vanity Fair Italia, posted an image on Instagram of Checking Invoices sitting in the front row, there was no shortage of comments for the mystery guest, with many calling it attention-seeking, “horrible” and “the end of humanity.”

Like it or not, the mystery now is whether or not they’ll pop up at another show this fashion week.

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