Mike Tyson Announced For The WWE Hall Of Fame

Boxing legend Mike Tyson will be inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame this year, which takes place at American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL

Tyson told TMZ.com:

“I am honored to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I was the youngest heavyweight champion of all time, but the most fun I ever had in the ring was with WWE.”

Tyson has made several WWE appearances over the years. Tyson had a memorable confrontation with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin back in 1998, was revealed to be a member of DX and served as the ringside enforcer of Shawn Michaels in his match with Austina at WrestleMania 14. He returned to WWE last year as the guest host of Monday Night RAW.

Jim Ross was asked on Twitter several weeks ago whether Tyson could ever join him in the Hall of Fame, to which he responded, “Absolutely.”

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