Michael Elgin Praises IMPACT Knockouts Division, Says Jordynne Grace Is Awesome

IMPACT star Michael Elgin was a recent guest on the WINCLY podcast to talk about his upcoming world title matchup against Brian Cage at Slammiversary. During the interview, Elgin talked a bit about the talented Knockouts division, specifically Jordynne Grace, before claiming that IMPACT doesn’t fear intergender matchups.

I think Jordynne is awesome. She’s doing great stuff and a lot of people wanna see her. She’s a hard worker and has been great in the ring and does some amazing stuff. As a whole, our women’s division has been fantastic and this is the place where women are gonna want to be because we don’t fear intergender either. I think that’s gonna be something we’re gonna have that most places won’t that are on TV. I think this is gonna be a real destination for the rest of 2019 and 2020 for women.

On the subject of who he would like to one day see in IMPACT, Elgin mentioned AR Fox and Jason Kincaid, two guys he’s loved wrestling on the indie circuit.

Talent-wise, I think AR Fox and Jason Kincaid need to be a part of Impact Wrestling. I’m a huge AR Fox fan and I think Kincaid is special. He’s so talented and one of my favorite people to wrestle. He would be a great guy to have in the X-Division.

Elgin’s full interview can be found here. 

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