Lucha Underground results: Matanza defends title against Mil Muertes

We get a recap of the Trios tournament so far along with a recap of Matanza’s reign of terror. Short, sweet, and effective. In his office, Dario tells Fenix he’s lucky he survived his encounter with Matanza. Fenix is the man of endless lives, and Dario is the man of endless opportunities – and he wants to make Aerostar, Drago, and Fenix a team in this year’s Trios tournament as well. But they lost last year, so instead, he will team with PJ Black and Jack Evans. Drago and Aerostar will instead fight over a Gift of the Gods medallion in our opener. Striker and Vamp welcome us to the show, with Vamp in a vintage-style LU shirt and run down the card.

Aerostar vs. Drago

The match begins with a dueling chant, while Drago starts with a half crab and it gets turned into a wacky lucha submission by Aerostar. Quick cradle gets 2 for Aerostar, who goes for a handspring something or other, but eats a flying kick. Aerostar gets tossed into the buckle and hits a corkscrew dive. Drago misses a shoulder charge, while Aerostar missed a dive and smacks the steps. Drago tosses him into the ringside gate, while Vamp says that as a luchador, you need to accept that you could die.

Aerostar hits a flip dive, and Drago responds with a corkscrew dive to the floor. Aero sends Drago back a moment, but misses a springboard dive in the ring. Drago lifts him for a draping DDT and gets 2. Aerostar drops him in the corner and runs around and hops before hitting a corner dropkick. Aerostar goes for his corner-to-corner ropewalk rana, but gets tossed off the top and lands on his feet – only to eat a missile dropkick. A basement dropkick and senton attempt are missed, so they fight on their knees with forearm strikes. Aerostar hits a springboard codebreaker and a springboard saluting splash for the win. This was a blast!

Johnny and Taya are in their room, while Johnny works out and Taya asks if he looks better than he did yesterday. She says she has news from Dario – Mundo wants a medallion, but Dario just won’t give him one. Next week, he’ll have to work for a medallion in a match with Cage. No word on whether or not Cage is a machine, but it’s probably a safe bet. Mundo gets scared when he is told that it will be a cage match – Cage in a Cage. This was amusing. Striker says it’s 4/20 – so see how high we can get in this match.

Jack Evans, PJ Black, and Fenix vs. The Disciples of Death

PJ starts off with the silver-clad Trece. PJ cartwheels into an armdrag and goes for a tag to Jack – but Jack says no, you’re doing too well, keep going. PJ lands a superkick for 2. Fenix hits a rana to send another Disciple out of the ring. Fenix goes for a corkscrew dive off the second rope, and catches his leg in a scary moment – luckily, he was almost able to finish the move without falling too short. PJ has Trese in an abdominal stretch while Jack talks smack, and gets crotched by Sinestro.

The purple-clad Sinestro tags in and attacks in the corner. The gold-clad Barrio Negro tags in for a chop, and then tags Trece back in. PJ tags Fenix in and he lands some kicks and a standing moonsault to the back. C4 armdrag hits for 2. Sinestro charges in and eats a thrust kick before nailing a basement dropkick. Sinestro lands a spike DDT for 2. Jack tags in and avoids things with flips before busting out some kung fu fighting. Vamp says that he wants some of whatever Jack smokes. Fenix comes in and lands a pop-up double dropkick. Barrio Negro eats a rana for 2. Fenix hits a big pop-up rana before PJ’s springboard 450 gets 2. They toss one disciple onto the other on the floor while arguing and PJ hits a flip dive while Fenix tags himself in. Jack jumps in in and then hits a variety of flip dives, but Fenix wins with a dive off his own. Striker hypes up the win and says that Mil Muertes vs. Matanza is next.

Dario talks to Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico about how much they’ve grown in a year. Dario tells them that this tournament isn’t for a title shot – it’s for their titles. As champions, they have a bye to the finals and will have a match against three teams next week. They run through team names before Dario tells them to leave. In the locker room, the Disciples of Death materialize out of lightning and Catrina tells them they failed. Moreover, Fenix got the win and she is even more pissed at that. She wants a reason to not destroy them – so Sinestro pulls out the beating hearts of his partners as lightning¬† went off around them. So yeah, Sinestro just ripped out the electrified hearts of his former partners. This was awesome!

Lucha Underground Champion Mil Muertes vs. Matanza Cueto

Vamp hypes this up as a monster vs. monster match and asks about the significance of the key. Dario yells words of encouragement to Matanza and Vamp translates them to mean that if he doesn’t win tonight, it’s over for them. Mil starts off strong by whooping him and beating him to his belly. Mil goes to toss him out, but it’s reversed and he is tossed into the ropes and eats a Clothesline from Hell. Mil hits a snap powerslam and lands some mounted punches.

Matanza grabs him in a double-arm choke and does some corner shoulder charges, but Mil lands a kick and some punches. Mil Biels him into the buckle and lands 10 straight lariats! Mil runs into the boot a few times – stop doing that, you moron. Wrath of the Gods gutwrenches land, but Mil avoids a rope lariat and sends Matanza over the top with a sick hiptoss. A suicide dive gives Mil a huge edge as he throttles Dario. Matanza saves his brother, who takes a big bump on the floor.
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They fight on the announce table, and Catrina hits Matanza with the stone. Matanza throttles her, but Mil chairshots him on the back. They fight over a post shot, and Matanza wins that war. Steel can to the head and back of Matanza. Matanza grabs it and beats him with it. They fight to the office ceiling and Mil tries to toss him off. Dario looks like he’s in absolute shock, as do the fans. FLATLINER THROUGH THE OFFICE CEILING gets a holy shit chant. Dario needs to hire contractors that don’t cut perfectly-shaped holes into his ceiling.


Sleazy ’70s porno music plays and takes us to the precinct, where we don’t see Officer Meehan – but do see a deceased poster for Bael and a new character is introduced. A councilman comes in and tells Marie it’s a good idea to drop the case against Dario so they can focus on someone more powerful. It’s just friendly advice though, and not a threat in any way. This was a good start to a new chapter in the “cops are after Dario” story, so presumably, he has friends in high places, and unlike Dixie Carter’s character, probably won’t lose a case with a judge in his back pocket. Very fun episode of the show, and I’m looking forward to seeing where all this cop stuff goes.

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