Lord Tensai Update: Evidence He Is A-Train, His Role When He Debuts & More

WWE aired a vignette on Monday’s RAW promoting a new character by the name Lord Tensai. The identity of this new character has been revealed to be Matthew Bloom, who previously competed for the organization as Prince Albert, Albert and A-Train.

News broke this weekend that Bloom had re-signed with WWE, although he denied this on Twitter.

A report by the Wrestling Observer indicates that Lord Tensai will be getting “pushed to the top” upon his debut and might be used as a henchman for John Laurinaitis.

WWE Superstar Yoshi Tatsu tweeted on Monday night that the letters seen on Lord Tensai’s body in the teaser video were Japanese. Tatsu added that Tensai means “a natural disaster or an act of God.”

A fan wrote on Twitter last night that the back tattoo on Lord Tensai was common and could be anyone. Matt Bloom replied to the tweet and agreed the back tattoo was too common to make a positive identification.

However, a closer look at the tattoos shown in the vignette reveal that the similarities are too strong for Tensai to be anybody except Matt Bloom.

* PROOF That LORD TENSAI Is Matt Bloom (VIDEO & Picture)

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