Live Report From Last Night's WWE Raw – Dark Matches, Commerical Breaks, More reader Omar Drabick sent in the following report:

I just got back from The RBC Center and here’s what you didn’t get to see on Television…

*Dark Matches*

D-lo Brown Defeated Matt Stryker.

Charlie Haas Beat a local Jobber.

*During Commercials*

JBL cut a promo on North Carolina, saying that the only legend to emerge from there is not Flair, but JBL Himself.

*After RAW Whent Off The Air*

Batista Defeated C.M. Punk in a Non Title Match !

Biggest Heat:

Cody Rhodes and DiBiase JR.
Santino Marella
The Burchills
Chris Jericho

Biggest Pops:

John Cena
Shawn Michaels
Cryme Tyme
Mickie James
Kofi Kingston
C.M. Punk

* I had a GREAT EVENING at the event, and I got to meet KANE, Cena, Punk, Rhodes & Debiase JR, Mickie James, Lilian, Santino, Tod Grisham, and Cryme Tyme. It Was Fantastic to be in RAWLEIGH NORTH CAROLINA!

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