Linda McMahon Says She's "Seriously Considering" Another Senate Run In 2012

Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon told the Greenwich Times this week that she is “seriously considering” another run for United States Senate in 2012.

“I’m leaning in that direction,” McMahon told the Greenwich Times this weekend. “I’m seriously considering another run, but I haven’t made up my mind yet … I’m getting a lot of calls, a lot of encouragement from people around the state. I enjoyed my campaign.”

Daniel Kelly, Executive Director of the State Democratic Party, had this to say about Linda running again:

“I think she runs, and, if she runs, her money, I’m sure, makes her a formidable candidate within the Republican primary. But if she gets to the general (election), she’s the same Linda McMahon, and she has the same failed record of laying off employees and paying herself millions, the same record of steroid abuse and degradation of women in the WWE and she spent nearly 50 million in one of the most Republican years ever and came up short.”

Connecticut’s Republican party chairman Christopher Healy, said: “I think she’s doing what anybody would do. I think she’s been evaluating what the campaign was about, what was good, what was bad. I think that’s appropriate for anyone running for statewide office next year. You’ve got to start early.”

When asked about whether she plans to work for WWE again, she shot down the idea. “I have no plans to return to WWE.”

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