Lifestyle Boutique UK launches

Global concierge service Lifestyle Boutique has launched in Britain. The UK boutique is the latest outlet and focuses on ‘ultra-high-net-worth’ individuals, ensuring excellent results and a true bespoke service. Until the UK launch, Lifestyle Boutique reached its membership capacity. With the opening of the London office, memberships are available for the first time in twelve years for £50.000 annually with 50 further memberships available.

Lifestyle Boutique UK exists as a stand-alone service or as an accompaniment to pre-paid, debit and charge cards through American Express, MBNA and MasterCard. Statements are sent every quarter with no pre-set limit on spending. In the last three months, 30 members have spent £267,709 at Chanel, £464,620 at Louis Vuitton and £582,080 at Hermes on their Lifestyle Boutique charge cards. As the concierge service isn’t available for everyone, it is comforting to know at least its luxury knowledge is. Through Lifestyle Boutique’s publishing branch, anyone can pick up Elite Life &Travel, a new high-end quarterly English edition of the Russian publication, which launches November 08. acts as a high-end lifestyle guide, hosting 36-Hour City Guides, Top 10 Lists and a Boutique featuring the world’s most exclusive brands. Operating simultaneously is the bi-monthly newsletter. Free to all online subscribers, the Lifestyle Boutique’s luxury experts contribute offers and discounts to limited edition items and advanced reservations on a global level.

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The international concierge service is looking to open offices in the Middle East (Dubai) 2nd quarter 09, India (Mumbai) 3rd quarter 09 and Brazil (Rio) 1st quarter 2010.

Image: Chanel

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