Kim Denies Injury Reports, Mickie James Discusses Crossing Over To Country Music

— Mickie James discusses crossing over into the world of country music in an interview with the Miami Herald.

“If anything, people are thinking it’s kind of cool,” James said. “I think it’s human nature to say, ‘You’re a wrestler. That is what you do.’ I think it can be hard sometimes for people to understand that you can have more than one thing you like to do.”

“It’s really crazy for the most part that everyone has been really cool about it. Some people who aren’t even wrestling fans have no idea who I am. It’s a whole new journey for me.”

Though she has crossed over to country music, James believes she still has more to accomplish in the world of wrestling. Therefore, she doesn’t see herself leaving an industry she worked so hard to break into.

“I still have history to make and some goals. I love it so much,” said James. “I have already dedicated much of my life to it. I definitely want to go down as the greatest of all time. That’s what anyone, who has ever wanted something, believes. That is their main goal. I want to keep bettering myself. There is new competition coming in, so I have to work to keep my name at the top.”

— Gail Kim posted a note on her official website to clear up rumors that have been circulating online regarding an alleged injury sustained this past week on Monday Night Raw.

She wrote: “I’m mainly writing a message because I’m getting concerned emails about an injury??? I am not injured. I don’t know where that came from?? oh well…. thanks for the concern everyone. Off for the road once again, so tune in monday and check out those smart, sexy and powerful DIVAS….!!!!”

— The latest edition of Ask the Divas has been posted online at the following link.

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