Kevin Owens Donates $5K To Help Sami Zayn’s Charity For Syria

Last month WWE Superstar Sami Zayn launched a fundraising effort, “Sami For Syria,” in conjunction with the Syrian American Medical Society, with the hopes of raising enough money to create a Mobile Medical Unit in the war-torn nation of Syria. The goal was to raise $48,000 which would go towards the purchase and conversion of a vehicle to be used as a MMU, as well as kickstart the cost of medical personnel, supplies, fuel and other costs.
As of this weekend, Sami’s campaign has reached its goal at just over $48,000 from over 1,000 donors. Last week, he announced that their team had secured a nurse, midwife and a data entry clerk, as well as confirming that their MMU will be able to provide psychosocial care to patients. For more information on that you can check out the video above. If you’re interested in getting involved, the campaign is still active and will remain open for the foreseeable future as they hope to exceed their original fundraising goals.
The former NXT Champion was born in Quebec, Canada but his parents immigrated from Syria in the 1970s and he is fluent in Arabic as well as French and English. As we noted, over 1,000 people have generously donated to Sami’s campaign since it launched last month, but the single biggest contribution actually came from his closest friend and biggest in-ring rival. Former WWE Universal Champion and Smackdown Live Superstar Kevin Owens, listed alongside his wife Karina Steen, quite recently gave $5,000 to help bring the fundraising campaign closer to its goal.


An update on #SamiForSyria
We are almost up and running!
Let’s keep things moving!
For more info & to donate:
— Sami Zayn (@SamiZayn) August 2, 2017

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