Kevin Nash & Booker T's WWE Returns Cause Major Problems For TNA

At Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, former TNA stars Kevin Nash and Booker T made surprise appearances that have caused major rewrites to TNA’s “they” storyline.

It’s been widely speculated that TNA’s recent “they are coming” storyline would culminate in the return of the Main Event Mafia. With Kevin Nash and Booker T being two of the key members of the Mafia, major changes had to be made to the storyline.

A TNA source said, “Big time rewrite mode this week due to their dumb asses writing a plot around guys who are not under contract.”

Before he opted to appear at the Royal Rumble PPV, Kevin Nash had been pencilled in as part of the angle. There was also speculating regarding Booker T because of his past connections to the group, but he had not yet been contacted about participating.

* UPDATE: Details On NASH & BOOKER’s Futures In WWE (Direct Link)


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