Kane Speaks on Daniel Bryan's Retirement, Undertaker's Impact, more

As heard earlier this week on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling WWE
Superstar Glenn “Kane” Jacobs commented exclusively with John and Chad on
why he decided to run for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. But what would a
discussion with “The Big Red Machine” be without talking about some of his
most recent WWE highlights. In this excerpt from the 60 minute interview,
Kane talks the World Title feud with Seth Rollins and once again Main
Eventing pay per views, the impact of Daniel Bryan’s emotional retirement
as well as their close connection and of course the legacy and the meaning
The Undertaker has had on his wrestling career. The full episode can be
downloaded at this link.

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Kane On The Undertaker’s Impact On His Career:

Kane On Daniel Bryan’s Emotional Retirement:

*Being able to team with The Undertaker for what was the last time in 2015
and The Undertaker’s entrance:*

“That Survivor Series was simply amazing. It was the 25th anniversary of
The Undertaker and it was a huge deal and just to be involved with it in
any capacity was really an honor for me. It’s always great because I
remember when we had the 1000th episode of RAW in St. Louis and I was in
the ring and I forget what the exact scenario was but basically I was
surrounded by the bad guys and then the gong hits and it was just awesome.
The crowd was chanting “this is awesome” and I get goose bumps because that
is what WWE is all about. I don’t know if our audience and the WWE Universe
realizes this but we feed off of them as much as they do off of us. When
they are into a moment like that it is amazing. It is the epitome of why I
got into the wrestling business and why I got into the entertainment
business. I can lose myself and for that moment that is all that matters
and that is what happens with Undertaker.”

*Reflecting back on the impact of the Kane vs. Undertaker story:*

“Through the years we’ve been together through so much. Very unique the
both of us. Bray Wyatt is sort of the new character who has the
super-natural component and the cool-creepiness but the fact that we were
able to come in and be such fierce rivals but yet everything turned and to
be able to join forces and ally with ourselves and split and come back
again, if you look (and I’m a big fan) of old NWA you would have these
relationships and feuds just go on for years and years and it was the same
type of deal. I’ve said this many times and I really believe this is true.
I believe that the Kane / Undertaker story if you look at epic storytelling
like Greek mythology, that is what it is. It is the best piece of epic
story telling that the WWE has ever done. There is a huge story arc with
all of these back stories and all of these extremely powerful characters
and by that I mean the personalities and to be able to make that work and
work as well as it always has is just amazing. Hats off to Vince McMahon
for being able to do that with the creative teams and his vision as well as
Taker and as well as my good friend the late Paul Bearer. It was a lot of
moving parts and he was always able to make them work smoothly and the
finished product was beautiful.”

*Being mentioned during Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech and their

“Daniel Bryan is a friend of mine. It’s sort of funny that the relationship
that you saw between Team Hell No on screen it sometimes goes the same way
off screen as well (laughing). He is a great human being and good friend of
mine and frankly the Team Hell No stuff helped me. What it did for me was
basically show people that I could be a well-rounded performer because
through the years I had always been the silent guy and the mean guy and the
extremely serious guy. If you would have told people in 2000 or 1998 that
Kane is going to provide the comedic element to the show, well they would
have looked at you like you were completely nuts and off your rocker. But
because of Daniel Bryan I was able to do that.”

“When he retired I think it was Rolling Stone that said he was “WWE’s
Everyman” and that is what he is. He can relate to everybody and not only
because of he’s not a big guy but he has so much passion and he is also a
very humble human being and he is just the average dude. I think that shows
through and he is sincere and he is genuine and people relate to that. Of
course you add on that he is a tremendous talent and there is your

*Ending Corporate Kane and his Main Event run with Seth Rollins:*

“It was a lot of fun and Seth Rollins is just phenomenal. He’s a tremendous
performer and that felt like a full circle thing as well because The Shield
early on it was Daniel Bryan and I that were their first opponents and we
had a history there. To see Seth being able to leave the Shield and also
Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns who are tremendous as well and have done
great things and will do great things. Nevertheless, Seth went out on his
own and was just able to pretty much immediately prove to the world that
he’s like a young Shawn Michaels.”

“That was a lot of fun and especially at that point the Corporate Kane
character had run its course and people really wanted to see the mask come
back and what was pretty cool to me was the fact that I was able to keep up
with Seth in the ring which is no small feat for anyone much less a guy who
is a bit of a veteran at this point in his career (laughing) so I was proud
of that. Anytime you are in that position and the company is relying on you
to come through with great performances and you are able to deliver on
those it is very rewarding.”

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