John Cusack Panics: 'There Will Not Be a Peaceful Transition of Power' If Trump Loses

Actor John Cusack speculated Wednesday that there may not be a “peaceful transition of power” in the United States under President Trump, panicking about possible “violence.”

“[The] only way it stops is through direct intervention -political & legal tracts must run concurrently but dems cannot abdicate their constitutional duties – hoping mueller will do it all,” Cusack said in a social media post.

“Also believe there will not be a peaceful transition of power & we must prepare for this – when authoritarians threaten violence – take them at their word – might be the only thing he’s not lying about,” he added.

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Cusack routinely has social media meltdowns. Just this week, he posted a bizarre fantasy of imprisoning the president and forcing him to eat garbage.

“Trump should be tied on the neck by a chain with a 2o foot leader- in a trash heap in New Jersey – & be allowed to feed only on the local vegetation.”

Last week, the Better Off Dead actor said Trump was a “pathological liar/criminal,” adding, “The only way democracy survives him – is if he rots in prison.”

The 52-year-old has also attacked the GOP in general.

“It’s good for America to see how gop is complete deathkkkult,” the Hot Tub Time Machine actor said last month.

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