Jimmy Jacobs On WWE Being Responsible for the ‘Lost Art’ of Male Managers in Wrestling

Former WWE writer and current Impact Wrestling star Jimmy Jacobs recently spoke with SLAM! Sports, and during the interview Jacobs had the following to say when asked about managing Kongo Kong in Impact, and the ‘lost art’ of male managers in pro wrestling:

“Managing got out of the spotlight somewhere in the ’90s, the Attitude Era, when the era of the valet took over, in WWE in particular. From that respect, it’s a lost art. Nowadays, though, look at a guy like Paul Heyman, who’s very, very, very good at what he does, who is as important to the Brock Lesnar package as Brock Lesnar is, I dare say,” said Jacobs of Heyman, “advocate” to “The Beast Incarnate.”

“Jay Lethal was a star in Ring of Honor, but he went as far as [he]went. They put Truth Martini with [him], he became Ring of Honor World champion. That was not by accident,” said Lethal. “So I don’t think it’s a lost art; I think there are guys capable of doing it, and I’m trying to show that I’m one of those guys.”

“I just think it’s coming back,” said Jacobs. “I think that for so long, it was a WWE policy. WWE really sets the tone for everything else in this business, this kind of trickle-down effect. It was literally a policy, ‘Hey, we don’t hire male managers.’ It’s really just something that’s just got going again, I think in the last handful of years.”

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SLAM! Wrestling

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