Jim Ross On WWE Universal Title: "The Belt Turned Heel Before Our Very Eyes"

Jim Ross posted a new blog on his official website on Monday with his WWE SummerSlam review and noted that the matches he was looking forward to the most delivered.

“As far as SummerSlam is concerned, the matches that I had the most personal investment in happened to deliver to me,” wrote the WWE Hall Of Famer.

He did note, however, that the match order was a bit perplexing.

“I was a bit confused as to the order of events as the night went along,” Ross added. “It was not business as usual in that regard which doesn’t make it wrong. Curious as to why the match order was as it was and I’ll hopefully hear why in the future. Or at this point in time, does it really matter?”

In addition to his thoughts on the performances from the talent and the quality of the matches, JR’s SummerSlam blog also included a review of a title belt.

Due to the overwhelming reaction, most of which seems to be negative, Ross shared his thoughts on the new RAW brand exclusive WWE Universal Championship. He wrote, “The belt seemed to turn heel before our very eyes on the broadcast, which is actually funny when one thinks about it.”

JR added, “I’ve never seen a reaction to a title belt as we all experienced Sunday night. Sign of the times I assume.”

Check out the complete JR blog at his official website, JRsBarBQ.com. You can also order his Bar-B-Q products online at WWE Shop.

New episodes of JR’s podcast, “The Ross Report,” are available every Wednesday night at PodcastOne.com. WWE Hall Of Famer Gerald Brisco will join JR on the podcast this week to discuss talent scouting he did for WWE at the Olympics in Rio.

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