Jim Ross Blog: RAW Thoughts, Good Time For WWE Stars To Break Through

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross updated his official blog at JRsBarBQ.com with his thoughts on Monday’s RAW, his upcoming NJPW on AXS TV voiceover tapings with Josh Barnett, now being a good time for talent in WWE to “break through,” the upcoming WWE brand split and more. Below are some of the highlights.

On voicing more NJPW on AXS TV shows with Josh Barnett this week:

“Looking forward to sitting down with @JoshLBarnett this week in LA to voiceover more NJPW bouts that will air on Friday nights on @AXSTV at 9/8CT. I’m enjoying these 2015 shows of which I’ve never seen before and that still feature such talents as AJ Styles, Nakamura, Bullet Club, Tanahashi, and so many more top hands.

“If you like a hard hitting, one hour pro wrestling show that is long on action and short on promos then this is the broadcast for you.”

On thoughts on Monday’s RAW:

“Highlight of the night for me was the John Cena-AJ Styles contract signing business. I thought it was well done and both men sounded natural and not ‘memorized.’

“Enjoyed Dean Ambrose putting himself in the WWE Title mix at MITB. It’s another viable element that adds to the primary storyline and helps rehab Ambrose TV persona.”

On now being a good time to “break through” for a WWE Superstar:

“Just my two cents but it doesn’t feel as if there has been better time to ‘break though’ in WWE for any talent not named John Cena or Brock Lesnar who are the two, most ‘over’ talents in WWE IMO. Whatever younger or newer talents can do to make themselves positively stand out and more unique should be done.

“Suggesting talents take a few risks, tweak their game (which should never stop), and maximize their minutes as never before. Someone has to ‘get over’ so why not you?”

On the upcoming WWE brand split:

“Thoroughly reviewing the potential upside of a successful, WWE brand spilt and the opportunity to potentially present two, distinctly different TV products to the world, and have come to the conclusion that for stockholders, investors and for the overall growth of the WWE Network that this is potentially the most significant, strategic maneuver that @WWE has enacted in decades. They have an opportunity to launch another, new feeling brand, create their own competition and open the doors to better highlight and promote more new talents.”

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