Jets fans are ticked off about Adam Gase head coach hire

The Jets’ hiring of Adam Gase has been met with mostly pessimism and worse from a beaten-down fan base, but there were some fans who like the move. Here is a sampling of the reactions to the hire on Twitter:

I feel like somebody should come out with cameras now… the @nyjets can’t be this stupid — @looseckannon120

#jets are the #Mets with football helmets — @TomMorache

Cant believe all the hate. Gase could be solid. Not like there were any off the charts candidates. — @thisisfranko

I believe this is one of the 2 potential hires (of the 8 names mentioned) that I took issue with. I hope to hell he proves me wrong. — @AronGalonsky

Exact reason why this franchise has been a joke for 50 years. — @cjpny76

It won’t be popular with those that just look at the dolphins record but this may have been the best candidate. — @CTGabe

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Jets customer service number is going to blow up in am with cancellations — @GlennMintz

They must have really hated McCarthy. He was the safest pick. Fans were behind it, he wanted the job. MM is betting his future as a GM on this. — @kipinitreal88

Absolutely terrible decision, fire Macc tomorrow. If Gase brings in Monken is OC and Vance Joseph is DC, I will spare the rest of the furniture. — @JetOrange59

I have no choice. I already payed for my season tix. Go Jets. — @MikeZech

I don’t think it’s an awful hire that’s just me. — @Vercetti44

I’m cool with it. Wanted McCarthy. Can understand the younger dynamic compared to McCarthy. — @TerenceBegleyNJ

Why would they do that!!! We could have got McCarthy… well at least they will get the #1 pick for the next 3 Years — @RichHames

No longer a @nyjets fan…. worst hire. Even worse than bowels… — @Sasquatch6389

I mean Gase did help develop 35 year old Peyton Manning — @EightCraft

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