Jesse Ventura To The Rock: "Don't Waste Your Talent In The Political Arena"

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been hinting that he has political aspirations, but former Minnesota governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura says he shouldn’t bother. In a recent interview with The Atlantic, Ventura offered some advice to the fellow WWE Hall of Famer about politics: “Don’t bother with it.”

“You have a phenomenal career in Hollywood. Why would you want to go into politics? Ride the Hollywood horse until it falls,” Ventura said of The Rock’s political dreams. “Are you kidding me? Politics, he can’t earn near the money he’s making. Unless he just truly wants to make a difference I guess. But, Dwayne’s a very talented man, no doubt about it. And I would encourage him not to waste it in the political arena.”

In addition to several hints on social media, The Rock told Time Magazine earlier this year that the though of being governor or president is “very alluring” to him. Johnson was a registered Republican as of 2014 and spoke at the party’s National Convention back in 2000. Ventura became the governor of Minnesota back in November ’98 when he ran as an independent to narrowly and unexpectedly defeat two major-party candidates.

Ventura also talked about current U.S. Presidential candidate and former WrestleMania headliner Donald Trump. Ventura recalls meeting him at the early WrestleMania events held at Trump’s venues and Trump supporting him during his run for Minnesota governor. Ventura says that even though Trump is running as a Republican, he doesn’t believe he actually is one.

“Donald Trump is not a Republican. Donald Trump has been an Independent truly his whole life,” Ventura said. “He just chose to go after the nomination with the Republican party, just like Bernie Sanders did with the Democrats. Like I initially stated when they [ran], I said I was ecstatic over it because they were destroying the two parties and I thought that was wonderful. As you know I despise these parties; I think they’re the problem, they’re not the solution. And I believe we should ban political parties, and the forefathers agree with me.”

You can read Ventura’s entire interview here.

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