Jennifer Lopez Confronted By Animal Rights Activists over Fur: 'You Have Blood On Your Hands'

Actress and pop mega star Jennifer Lopez was ambushed by a throng of screaming animal rights activists during her red carpet appearance over the week where her new film Hustlers debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.

“Shame on you, JLo, for wearing fur! Shame on you for wearing fur Jennifer!” the activists are seen shouting at the international star, in video published by TMZ. “Stop wearing fur Jennifer Lopez! Stop wearing fur JLo! Stop wearing fox fur!”


Lopez didn’t respond to the protesters as they shouted at her from just a few feet away. The actress didn’t appear to be wearing fur as she strutted down the red carpet but Lopez does don a ton of fur in her new stripper revenge film.

Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu in Hustlers (Annapurna Pictures, 2019)

Jennifer Lopez Hustlers (Annapurna Pictures, 2019/Barbara Nitke/STX Financing)

In another PR flub also caught on camera during the film festival, Jennifer Lopez is seen nearly taking a fall off a balcony during her movie’s premiere. Lopez is seen catching her balance and laughing off what was clearly a scary slip.

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