Jeff Jarrett Suing Anthem, Lance Storm/PC, Hardy/Wyatt Team Over?

Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling and Impact Wrestling began to merge last year until Jarrett was suddenly terminated from Impact, causing the promotion to abandon all merger plans. According to PWInsider, Jarrett is now pursuing legal action against Impact’s parent company, Anthem Sports & Entertainment, alleging that Impact is profiting off of the GFW name despite the merger never being completed. Jarrett is also taking issue with Impact’s Global Wrestling Network service as he feels that is uses a similar logo and name as his own promotion. Impact also currently has episodes of GFW’s Amped series on the network as well. The full documents of Jarrett’s claims can be viewed by clicking on this link.
Lance Storm is certainly no stranger to fans of professional wrestling, and he now trains aspiring wrestlers in a wrestling school of his own in Calgary. Graduates of the Storm Wrestling Academy include the likes of Chelsea Green, Tyler Breeze, and Emma just to list a few names, but Storm will now be sharing some of his knowledge and expertise with the WWE Performance Center recruits. Storm has tweeted out a photo online revealing that he will be working in the facility all week long as a guest trainer. Lance Storm has competed all over the world and in promotions such as ECW, WCW, and WWE, so his wisdom and teachings on the subject of wrestling should definitely prove to be beneficial for the NXT Superstars.

My office for the week. Making some new friends while catching up with some old ones. Love this job. #NXT
— Lance Storm (@LanceStorm) August 14, 2018

“Woken” Matt Hardy’s in-ring future has been in the news quite a bit lately as the Raw Superstar continues to send out multiple cryptic tweets suggesting that his time in the ring may be coming to an end. Hardy recently informed fans that his lower back and pelvis have begun to fuse together due to his in-ring style, but he posted a tweet earlier this week stating that he would not let the injury slow him down. However, he has also just released another tweet wherein he seems to be bidding farewell to his tag team partner, Bray Wyatt. Neither Hardy nor Wyatt have a match at SummerSlam this Sunday, so could this be the end of the Deleters of Worlds? Stay tuned for the latest updates on Matt Hardy’s in-ring career.

Even though I’m dealing with a debilitating injury, I refuse to let it win.. I will not roll OVAH & DIE.. I am a SURVIVALIST.
— #WOKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) August 13, 2018

Thank you for everything, my COMPEER.. I shall miss you, @WWEBrayWyatt.
— #WOKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) August 14, 2018

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