Injury Updates for Drew McIntyre & Jason Jordan, Hania Update

Drew McIntyre surprised fans when he returned to WWE last year as a member of the NXT brand. Since then, he has had a ton of memorable matches with the promotion, and he even had a run as NXT Champion last year. An injury has prevented him from appearing on the show in recent weeks, but a positive update on Drew’s status was recently provided. McIntyre recently posted a message on his Twitter account informing fans that he has returned to the WWE Performance Center to begin training once again. Drew McIntyre will still likely be out of action for a few more months as he continues to rehabilitate his injuries.

Ive been a wrestler over half my life, spent a third in America and lived at more addresses than I can remember, but, there has always been one constant I could call home
— Drew McIntyre (@DMcIntyreWWE) January 17, 2018

Raw Superstar Jason Jordan is reported to have an injury at the moment. Since WrestleMania is right around the corner, the timing of the injury could be devastating if it turns out to be serious. PWInsider has informed fans that Jordan will likely be missing the live events that he had been scheduled to appear on this weekend. Even though the injury is still said to be a problem at the moment, Jordan appeared (but did not wrestle) on Raw this past Monday night, and he will be doing so again for Raw’s 25th anniversary show on January 22nd. At this moment, he and Seth Rollins are still scheduled to defend the Raw Tag Team Championships against Sheamus & Cesaro at the Royal Rumble.

It was reported earlier in the week that Hania the Huntress had been released from Impact Wrestling due to the backstage heat that she attracted during her time with the promotion. Hania posted a tweet yesterday claiming that she and Impact had come to a “mutual decision” in relation to her departure from the company. PWInsider has since reported that Hania was not fired by Impact, but she instead left on her own after she was informed that they wanted her to lose to newcomer Su Yung in just 90 seconds. Hania noted that everything that transpired between herself and Impact was friendly, and that “there is absolutely no bad blood or hard feelings on either side.”

So Impact and I came to a mutual decision, and there is absolutely no bad blood or hard feelings on either side. I’m thankful, had a good time even met some cool people. But immature people like to blow things out of proportion. Thanks again to everyone at impact.
— Hania the SheWolf (@HaniaHuntress) January 19, 2018

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