HHH On Stone Cold Podcast: Issues With CM Punk, Chyna/WWE HOF, More

Triple H appeared as the guest on the second ever live edition of Steve Austin’s “Stone Cold Podcast” on the WWE Network after Monday’s edition of WWE RAW.

Early into the interview, a lot of time was spent on Triple H’s role as an executive, and his job developing talent through NXT, as well as the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

HHH spoke about working with some of the younger talents, and how he enjoys that almost as much as he does performing himself in front of thousands of fans in the ring.

“The Game” spoke specifically about working with Finn Balor, as he mentioned Balor telling him working with him at NXT was an eye-opener for him, despite being a veteran of the business with several years under his belt prior to signing with WWE. He said while they were going over his elaborate ring entrance, Balor mentioned that he wasn’t even aware of a lot of the production elements that goes into creating a WWE or NXT broadcast.

Triple H spoke about his issues with The Ultimate Warrior, saying Warrior is the type to hold a grudge and “not let things go,” but that they ultimately worked everything out and that is why he was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame last year.

Austin asked HHH if we would ever see Chyna inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Triple H was hesitant to get into specific details, but basically alluded to the fact that Chyna having a career in the porn industry might make it difficult for WWE to ever induct her. He did say, however, that as far as her accomplishments in the wrestling business, that she absolutely deserved to be inducted on those merits alone.

“The Rattlesnake” also spoke to HHH about his issues with CM Punk in the past. Triple H spoke about having communication issues with Punk, claiming that he likes to keep to himself, so it was hard to get a read on him and understand when and what he was bothered by during his time in the company.

When asked if he would be returning to the ring, Triple H said he is training twice a day right now, and that we will definitely see him in the ring again. He noted that he didn’t want to give anything away, but that he would step back into the squared circle. Most would assume that he was referring to this year’s WrestleMania 31 event, and his rumored match against Sting.

A lot more ground was covered in the interview, which is available in full on the WWE Network, which is free for the full month of February.

You can check out a small clip of Triple H’s appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast below.


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