Heroines of Mundial (part 2)

Here we have other bunch of players which should shine in next month in Italy!

For beginning I give You fresh review – best line-up from World Grand Prix 2014.

Here we have (from left):
Xiaotong Liu (China, Best Outside Hitter)
Miyu Nagaoka (Japan, Best Outside Hitter, but she played as Opposite and false Middle Blcoker)
Irina Fetisova (Russia, Best Middle Blocker)
Fabiana Claudino (Brazil, Best Middle Blocker)
Yuko Sano (Japan, Best Libero and MVP)
Danielle Lins (Brazil, Best Setter)
Sheilla Castro (Brazil, Best Opposite)
Jose Roberto Guimaraes (Best Coach)

I wonder who we’ll  see in this place during award ceremony in Italy. In first part I mentioned Fabiana, Dani Lins, Sheilla and their coach Ze Roberto.

Today it’s time for another team:

Line-up 2:

Here we have team build from many outstanding players. There were only 7 places, so there was not enough place for Outside Hitters like Ting Zhu or Tatiana Kosheleva, Middle Blocker Milena Rasic or setter Tomkom Nootsara (but this case is more complicated because she may not take part in WCH… Thai federation thinks that Asian Games in Korea are more important that World Championships!).

Something more about line-up 2:

Qiuyue Wei (Setter)
25 years old
Club: Tianjin
Height/Weight: 182 cm/65 kg
Spike/Block: 305/300

One of the best setters, but quite fragile. She had so many health problems in last years so she has to be not overused so as to be ready for the most important tournaments. She didn’t play in World Grand Prix Final Six in order to avoid any injury before WCH.

Yeon-Koung Kim (Outside Hitter 1)
26 years old
Club: Fenerbahce Istanbul
Height/Weight: 192 cm/73 kg
Spike/Block: 307/299

She’s real driving force of Korean NT and completed offensive Outside Hitter. Without her Korean NT could have only imgaine thiese victories in World Grand Prix. Kim broke score record in World Grand Prix match, getting 42 points in match Russia-Korea (Korea won 3-1). Not long time ago she had tough times with national association and her former club Heungkuk Pink Spiders, fortunately she overcame it and we can see probably the best killing OH on courts. Because of shortages in NT she played as opposite, but with other rotation she spiked mostly from zone 4 like Ekaterina Gamova in Dinamo Kazan.

Folkue Akinradewo (Middle Blocker 1)
26 years old
Club: Rabita Baku
Height/Weight: 191 cm/79 kg
Spike/Block: 331/300

American Middle Blocker came back to volleyball after one year break and she seems to be still not as good as she was in the past, but overall whole American NT can play better. On the other hand it doesn’t change fact that she has great spike reach and she’s among the best scoring middles.

Ekaterina Gamova (Opposite)
33 years old
Club: Dinamo Kazan
Height/Weight: 202 cm/80 kg
Spike/Block: 321/310

Despite her age she’s still the best opposite in the world. Most valuable player in last Champions League is still in geat shape. She’s coming back after break from NT for her next medal – she got bronze in Germany in 2002 and golds in Japan in 2006 and 2010. She’s the killer from all zones, but the most effective in zone 4, because of it Dinamo Kazan uses different rotation with Middle Blocker on serve after Setter/Opposite, not after Outside Hitter.

Gözde Sonsirma (Outside Hitter 2)
29 years old
Club: VakifBank Istanbul
Height/Weight: 183 cm/72 kg
Spike/Block: 297/292

She’s heart and soul of Turkish NT. Without Neslihan Demir she was leading scorer of team together with Neriman Ozsöy. Smart spiker, solid receiver, good digger and server, we can call her all-round OH without any doubts. She’s true leader and some people sometimes may not like her attitude, but she grown up to be one of the bests. IMHO she should get award in World Grand Prix for best OH together with Jaqueline or Tatiana Kosheleva.

– Christiane Fürst (Middle Blocker 2)
29 years old
Eczacibasi Istanbul
192 cm/76 kg

She’s the biggest star in her NT with opposite Małgorzata (Margareta) Kożuch. She always plays at least on decent level, saving her team from shame many times. She’s another completed player on her position. Well-known in Europe, played in Italy and now in Turkey.

– Yuko Sano (Libero)
35 years old
Denso Airybees
159 cm/54 kg

A little player for volleyball, but she has other assets. She’s so experienced and does her things in backrow – amazing digger and great receiver. We saw many perfect saves made by her throughout her long career. She didn’t lose any skill what she proved in World Grand Prix getting awards for Best Libero and for Most Valuable Player.

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