Here’s How India Can Surpass China In Public Transport Arena With Its Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicles

China might be the largest manufacturer of automobiles with key players like Geely, Chery, Brilliance auto but India’s electric-vehicle revolution has left the country far behind.

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As national capital’s air quality dips to a new low, battery-powered vehicles become more and more important for the future generation. India houses around 1.5 million battery-powered, three-wheeled rickshaws, much more in number than the total number of electric passenger cars sold in China since 2011, the Hindustan Times reported.

Reportedly, around 11,000 e-rickshaws hit the streets everyday and its sales are expected to see a surge of around 9 per cent by 2021. Drivers of these battery-powered vehicles not only feel that they are cleaner, cheaper, quieter and faster but it also saves them the pain of pedalling all day long.

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