'Handmaid's Tale' Cast Films PSA for Planned Parenthood: Abortion a 'Constitutional Right'

Cast members from Hulu’s dystopian series Handmaid’s Tale teamed up with women’s fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar and Planned Parenthood in a PSA to promote abortion.

The ominous PSA featured actors from the show, including stars Elisabeth Moss, Samira Wiley, Madeline Brewer, Amanda Brugel, Ann Dowd, Bradley Whitford, and Max Minghella.

“We are in a public health crisis,” they warn. “This is not Gilead. This is not the Handmaid’s Tale. This is not a book. This is not a TV show. This is America.”

“Banning abortion is not going to stop abortion,” Whitford says, with Brewer adding, “Banning abortion will only stop safe, legal abortions.”

In the PSA, Moss calls access to abortion a “constitutional right.”

During an appearance on CNN last month, Dowd called pro-life laws “disgusting,” and warned that America is “a heck of a lot closer” to the imagined nation of Gilead.

“When I saw what’s going on in Georgia I literally thought this can’t be real,” Dowd said, according to the Hill. “It stunned me to the degree of what’s going on in the anti-abortion world.”

Executive producer Warren Littlefield even said the law was a “very, very slippery slope” to the dystopian nation.

The PSA comes in the wake of pro-life laws sweeping the country. May was a significant month, with Georgia and Alabama approving their own versions of pro-life heartbeat laws. Indiana, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Utah, North Dakota, Missouri, and Ohio have taken drastic pro-life measures this year as well.

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