Greek League: Olympiacos Winter Champion

With 11th winnings in 11 Match Days, Olympiacos today became officially champion of Winter 2012. Olympiacos outmathed PAOK by 3-0 in a game where PAOK was not the least threatening Olympiacos.

Olympiacos was the best by far at the first 2 sets and only at the last third set Olympiacos relaxed too much, lost concentration and didn’t seem to be interested about the set. PAOK took the chance and led almost all the part of the set but at the last … Olympiacos players seemed to wake up from their stupor and played the good game and turned the set around to win it.

Boyan Yordanov is the MVP of 1st round.


This was the last match of the international referee Alexandros Varthalitis after 21 years in volleyball. He was honored by the president of the Greek League, Pantelis Tornatoros, the president of the Greek referees Stavros Mavrikidis.

The results of 11th Matchday:

Milonas – GS Lamias 3-2

Foinikas Siros – Pamvohaikos 1-3

Niki Aiginio – Panathinaikos 3-2

Aris – Iraklis Thessalonikis  2-3

Ethnikos Alexandroupolis – AO Kifisias 3-1

Olympiacos – PAOK 3-0


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