Girl Awaiting Heart Transplant Wants Birthday Visit From Drake

DOWNERS GROVE, IL — Sofia Sanchez won’t be able to go see Drake when he performs at the United Center in Chicago. The 10-year-old Downers Grove girl is in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery for cardiomyopathy. Instead, she’s hoping the Canadian rap artist will make a pit stop to come see her at Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

It is, after all, the weekend of her 11th birthday.

Sanchez, who is awaiting a heart transplant, made a special video appealing to Drake to stop by Lurie Children’s Hospital on her birthday. In the video, Sofia, attached to tubes and monitors, her hair in a long ponytail, tells Drake, “I was hoping that you could come and cheer me up for my birthday or any time this week.”

Sanchez then goes on to explain her condition to Drake. You can hear her voice crack a bit as she says, “I’m at the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago because I have…um…heart failure.” Sanchez then explains that she just had surgery three weeks ago to “to help [her] heart pump.”

The 10-year-old’s love of Drake’s music is part of what’s kept her spirits up while she’s been on the long road to surgery and recovery and the long wait on a transplant list. Recently, it was Drake’s hit song “In My Feelings” that got Sofia up out of a wheelchair and dancing.

People usually dance next to a moving car in the “In My Feelings” challenge. Sanchez performed the choreography while walking alongside an IV machine she was hooked up to.

A huge smile stretches across Sofia’s face as she beams into the camera, negotiating the complex footwork and performing one of Drake’s signature moves from his video for the song: She makes a tiny heart with her hands and holds it to her chest.

Image via YouTube, Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital

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