Ghaziabad Boy Finds Scary Doll On Rooftop, Turns Out To Be Skeleton Of His Younger Brother Who Was Missing For 18 Months

When eight-year-old Junaid told his family on Friday that he saw a scary looking doll in a box on the rooftop of his neighbour’s home, nobody took him seriously. They just asked him to take a photo of it, which he did.

But for days nobody even bothered to look at the photo.

On Sunday when someone saw that photos, they were in for some shock. The family right away knew something was wrong and rushed to the rooftop.

What they saw there left the family shattered, not scared – inside the two feet high and the two-and-a-half feet wide box was partly decomposed body of Mohammad Zaid, their younger son who had been missing for nearly 18 months.

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