Former WWE Star Taking Lessons On Stripping, Bischoff Rants On Writer; Credible

— Former WWE wrestler Mark Jindrak (a.k.a. Marco Corleone) is taking lessons on stripper dancing, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. In the CMLL promotion in Mexico, Jindrak is doing a pseudo stripper gimmick that women love but angers men.

— Eric Bischoff has posted a blog on his website ranting on Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer because he didn’t like how he reported the ratings for the show which he produces, Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling. In response, Bischoff gives ratings information of his own and claims the show has been watched by 15 million viewers thus far. In his rant, Bischoff also takes a potshot at his old nemesis, Missy Hyatt. {Here We Go Again!}

— Former ECW World Heavyweight Championship Justin Credible is still wrestling. In this YouTube video, Credible cuts a promo talking about his upcoming Extreme Measures wrestling show in Danbury, CT on Saturday, November 22. Credible wears a Hardys shirt in the promo and utters his trademark catchphrase.

Find out which current TNA Knockout is a former stripper! (see photo) (>>)

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