Former WWE "Diva" Melina Comments On Being Sexually Assaulted & Raped

In several recent posts on Facebook and Twitter, former WWE “Diva” Melina Perez commented on her own experiences being sexually assaulted and raped. She said,

Granted being cornered to get harassed & being grabbed didnt lead me to want to commit suicide like rape did but all were life altering. All made me feel like I had no power, I wasn’t safe, I had no value and I wasn’t a human being. That I was simply a thing. My worth, my purpose, my existence altered. If I say anything I’m a liar, exaggerating or looking for attention. So many suffer this helplessness in silence. Which I did for years.

I’m not looking to point fingers, I want to educate people on the subject, be here for victims and get those suffering in silence on the path to recovery. Sexual assault doesn’t just happen to women. Like Safe Horizon posted on Twitter:

“Sexual assault doesn’t discriminate and neither should we. #MeToo has to include women of color, immigrants, LGBTQ, people living with disabilities, children and teenagers, the elderly, and yes, men and boys.”

Sadly this happens to more people than we realize. It effects us ALL.

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