Former Head WWE Writer Parts Ways With The Company

Brian Gewirtz, who has been with WWE as one of the head writers for around 15 years, gave his notice to the company a few weeks ago.

Gewirtz was at the June 29th edition of RAW in Washington, D.C. saying his “goodbyes” to everyone in the company.

For years, Gewirtz was the head writer of RAW, and remained with the creative team until October of 2012, when Eric Pankowski, the head of WWE creative at the time, sent him home.

Gewirtz had remained under contract as a consultant working from home, and also did some work for the WWE Network.

When The Rock would come in from time-to-time, he would specifically ask for Gewirtz to be there to be his writer. Gewirtz was the main writer for The Rock during the last few years of Rock’s full-time career in WWE.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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