Florida cops find out they’re long lost brothers from ancestry test

Two Florida officers recently learned that their bond extends beyond law enforcement thanks to an ancestry test.

Boynton Beach police officer Eric Reynolds, 49, and another officer, Sgt. David Stull with Orange County Sheriff’s Office, each submitted DNA swabs out of curiosity to the genetic testing site 23andMe — and later discovered they were long, lost brothers, according to the Boynton Beach Police Department.

“Good morning, my name is David Stull. According to 23andMe, we are half-brothers,” wrote 51-year-old Stull in an email to Reynolds.

“I was adopted as an infant and have very little knowledge of my family history, so I have no way of knowing the validity of this.”

It turned out that Reynolds shared the same biological father as Stull, who was born in New Jersey and adopted as an infant by a military family, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Their father only recently learned of Stull’s existence — with Reynolds telling him that he has a “brand new, bouncing baby boy,” the news outlet reported.

Since the brothers live just hours apart, they agreed to meet for the first time about two weeks ago at Stull’s home in Florida.

“It was like meeting a clone of me,” Reynolds said. “It was overwhelming and exciting and bit of sadness at the same time.”

The pair is now making up for lost time.

“We’ve been texting all the time. We’re alike in so many ways,” Reynolds said. “I have someone I can talk to, trust as brothers and cops. It feels great.”

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