FIVB World Ranking update

FIVB has updated the volleyball world ranking in January. Brazil is still dominating the ranking. Second USA switched position with third Russia.



Who are the top 10 volleyball world teams? Brazil, USA and Russia are the leaders of the FIVB Men´s World Ranking with a bigger point distance from the toher. Serbia moved from the sixth place to fourth due to the second place in World League 2009. Fifth is Poland in front of Bulgaria, Italy, China, Cuba and Argentina.

RankCountryPoints1Brazil152.502USA120.003Russia112.504Serbia91.255Poland89.256Bulgaria78.757Italy76.008China59.009Cuba56.2510Argentina49.0011Japan47.0012France45.0013Venezuela40.5014Egypt38.2515Puerto Rico31.7516Korea31.5017Germany31.2517Iran31.2519Algeria30.5020Canada27.0021Cameroon26.0022Tunisia20.7522Morocco20.7524Colombia19.7525Kazakhstan18.5026Mexico17.5027Chile14.7528Netherlands13.0028Indonesia13.0030Finland12.50


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