Finn Balor On Wanting A Tag-Team Match With Conor McGregor, His Thoughts On WWE2K18

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– Former WWE Universal Champion, Finn Balor, recently spoke with The Sun and discussed a wide variety of wrestling topics including Conor McGregor’s possible WWE impact, check out the highlights below:

On Conor McGregor signing with WWE:

“I try and keep myself out of rumours, but it is Conor McGregor and the WWE. It’s a huge coupe for the WWE. Without a doubt the biggest sports star in the world right now.

He would bring a huge amount of eyes to our product, which would benefit everyone in WWE. If I was given the opportunity to get in the ring beside Conor, or across the ring to face him, it would be huge for me. It would be a very interesting scenario at WrestleMania. I sincerely hope they are not rumors. I hope there’s an opportunity for a story to emerge. We’re all looking forward to having Conor at WrestleMania.”

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His thoughts on the release of WWE2K18:

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“The guys at 2K do an incredible job, the graphics are amazing, but they make my bum bigger than it actually is. The game continues to get better and better every year. I’ve been a fan of the series for a long time. I’ve always been terrible at wrestling games. I always pick Big Show as I’m a button basher. Whatever my rating is, it isn’t high enough.”

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