FIFA 19 MVPs, best tactics & players to avoid: Ex-world champion Agge with top FUT tips

August Rosenmeier, who recently signed for FC Copenhagen’s esports team, offers recommendations for the new game

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We are about to witness the first LAN event of FIFA 19 with the upcoming Continental Cup during Paris Games Week, taking place across Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The PlayStation tournament will attract some of best players in the world including former FIFA Interactive World Cup (now known as the FIFA eWorld Cup) champion, August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier. 

He recently became the first FIFA player for North, FC Copenhagen’s esports team. Agge opts for 4-3-3 squad with Cristiano Ronaldo at CAM, Ruud Gullit as striker and Lionel Messi as a central midfielder for better chemistry before changing their positions once he is in game.

Goal caught up with the Dane to learn more about his team and the thought process behind it…

What one FIFA 19 player do you want to add next?

“The Brazilian Icon Socrates will be next, I will probably use him at the Continental Cup in Paris. I am very excited to try him out.”

Who is your most expensive player and are they worth the price tag?

“Ruud Gullit, he’s without a doubt worth it! For me, that’s one thing that hasn’t changed since FIFA 17.”

Who is the MVP of your squad and were there any players that completely exceeded your expectations?

“Gullit & Patrick Vieira are my MVP’s, it’s tough to choose between them as they make such a great duo. The most surprising thing for me is how viable Lionel Messi is this year, He hasn’t always been played well in previous FIFAs but I’m enjoying using him a lot in 19!”

Which player have you been most disappointed with and why?

“I’ve been most disappointed by N’Golo Kante, I only used him for a short period but he is too sloppy on the ball and struggles physically against top tier teams.”

Are there any Danish players you could fit or would want to fit into your team?

“If Christian Eriksen gets an in-form [card], I would love to try him out. If we are talking about Danish legends, obviously Peter Schmeichel and his Icon card has to get a mention too but I’m not sure he’ll replace David de Gea for me.”

Are there any players who you think are deserving of an upgrade to match their real-life attributes and why?

“David Alaba from Bayern Munich, every year he gets downgraded but I think he is a very solid player in real life.”

Is there one player you’ve built your squad around or a more general area of focus?

“Cristiano Ronaldo of course, but this year we have a new challenge since his move to Juventus. Trying to create a team around him with maximum chemistry isn’t as easy as it sounds, but surrounding him with the right Icons solves that!”

Finally, what was the reason behind opting for the 4-3-3? Have you found that’s the best formation in the game or it just suits your personal style? What tactics do you employ?

“It’s so early in the competitive year, I really don’t want to pick ‘my formation’ yet. I’m trying everything so I can keep my opponents on their toes! I would recommend to stay flexible when the game is this young as you never know what tactic you will need to pull out.”

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