February 15, 1988 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: A Tale of Two Hebners

All I can say is that I hope whoever came up with that finish got a nice bonus in this week’s paycheck.

It’s been 33 years since pro wrestling had been on a TV network during prime time. Well, wrestling still hasn’t been there, but once again Titan Sports appears to have come out smelling like a rose.

They accomplished what they set out to accomplish, and presenting pro wrestling was obviously not in their plans. They got the title from Hulk Hogan without having him do a job. Andre wasn’t hurt. Wrestlemania was set up. And most of all, they ended the show with an angle so bizarre that it diverted everyone’s attention from the few weaknesses in the show. Most of all, the sleight-of-hand finish distracted everyone and stunned them long enough so there was no threat of a riot. And that was a stroke of genius, because doing a screw-job title stealing from a babyface as over as Hulk Hogan could easily escalate into an out of control situation.

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