Eight police hurt as German far-right concert turns violent 

Eight German police officers were injured late Saturday as concert-goers at a far-right gig flung bottles and stones at them. 

The violence prompted police to halt the gig, held under the slogan "Rock against the overflow of foreigners", which had attracted almost 800 people at the town of Apolda,  in the province of Thuringia.

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Several concert-goers sought to break through a police cordon at Apolda, throwing projectiles at officers who retaliated with pepper spray, according to a statement issued by authorities on Sunday.

None of the injured officers were seriously hurt.

Police also also recorded 22 instances of the use of banned Nazi insignia during the concert.

Around 500 counter-protesters also marched against the far-right concert.

Germany has been deeply polarised by the arrival of more than a million asylum seekers since 2015 and has seen a surge of anti-immigration protests. 

Far-right and ultra-nationalist groups have seen a revival in recent years. In September 2017 Alternative for Germany (AfD), a right wing, anti-immigration party, won the third highest share of seats in the German parliament. 

Thuringia, in the formerly communist ruled east of Germany, has emerged in recent years as a favorite venue for far-right or neo-Nazi rock concerts, with 59 held in 2017, up from 54 in 2016, regional broadcaster MDR reported.

The concert was due to be held at another small town in the state, but authorities blocked the event, forcing its last minute move to Apolda.

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