Drew's Reviews: '205 Live' Results (2/7/17) – Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match

Drews Reviews: 205 Episode 11

Hey folks, Drew here again with your 205(not so?)Live results and analysis for this
weeks episode. On last weeks show we had a really fun main event that had just a
little bit of everything in it, along with another post match beat down in the feud
between TJ Perkins and Tony Nese. We also found out that Rich Swann had been
injured, and saw early signs of a developing story between The Brian Kendrick, and
the latest addition to 205 Live, Akira Tozawa. With that said, here’s this weeks
show, along with the RAW rebound.


A video package was shown for the RAW debut of Akira Tozawa, with Cesaro speaking on
Tozawas behalf.


Akira Tozawa picked up the win in his RAW debut match against Drew Gulak. The two
started off fairly even, but Tozawa got rolling and never looked back, ending the
match with his signature snap german suplex. After the match, The Brian Kendrick
showed up to shake the hand of Tozawa and congratulate giving him the “proper
greeting” Kendrick spoke of on 205 Live last week.

Austin Aries interviews the WWE Crusierweight Champion Neville

Aries thanked Neville for his time. Aries says that tomorrow night on 205 Live there
will be a number one contenders fatal 5 way elimination match for Nevilles WWE
Crusierweight Championship, where we’ll see TJ Perkins vs Cedric Alexander vs Noam
Dar vs Jack Gallagher vs Tony Nese, with the winner taking on Neville at the WWE PPV
Fastlane. Aries to Neville, “Which one of those competitors scares you the most?
Neville to Aries, “You must be delusional if you think anyone in this division
scares me… No matter who is the number one contender they will respect the king”.
Cedric Alexander made his way out to the ring, followed by Noam Dar who said he was
just thinking about stealing the championship like he stole Alicia Fox from Cedric
Alexander. Jack Gallagher made his way out next and said the next crusierweight
champ should be a gentleman. Tony Nese came out next, immediately followed by TJ
Perkins who reminds them all that he won the crusierweight championship first, and
he’s gunna do it again, and says that he and Neville have unfinished business. TJ
Perkins would then deck Tony Nese and all of them started brawling all over the ring
with the self proclaimed “King Of The Crusierweights” standing tall as there was a
commercial break. After a commercial, the 6 members of the previous segment were in
the ring in a 6 man tag team match that saw the team of Jack Gallagher, Cedric
Alexander, TJ Perkins taking on Tony Nese, Neville, and Noam Dar. The heels worked
over Gallagher before Noam Dar and Neville again had some problems again! Like last
week, Dar tagged himself in and Neville left the match as Tony Nese looked on asking
“what’s your problem” before taking a detenation kick from Perkins and a Lombard
Check from Cedric Alexander. Alexander pinned Nese for the 1-2-3 picking up the win
for him and his team.

That was your RAW rebound for this week. Now that everyone’s on the same page,
here’s 205 Live, brought to you by Drew’s Reviews!

A video package showing the participants in tonight’s main event aired to kick off
the show. There were some lines from each individual superstar about how he would
win tonight, with the last line being from Neville saying the winner “will bend a
knee” to him. A pyro display went off, and he announce team of “The Greatest Man Who
Ever Lived” Austin Aries, Corey Graves, and Mauro Ranallo welcomed us to Seattle,
Washington, with a bit of breaking news. During last nights segment on Raw “The
Premiere Athelete” Tony Nese picked up an injury. Due to the injury and the fact
that 205 Live had already committed to a fatal 5 way elimination match, a graphic
aired showing the four originally scheduled competitors, along with a mystery man as
the fifth. That mystery man will be determined by a match up between Ariya Daivari
and Mustafa Ali. That match is next!


The heel Daivari made his way out first, followed by Mustafa Ali for the good guys.
Daivari aggressively shakes the hand of Ali to start the match. Quick tie up in the
corner, followed by a few big moves from both, ended by both men going out on to the
floor. Daivari hit a hard neck breaker on Ali out there, and slid into the ring, as
the referee began to count to 10. Ali would roll back in at the count of 8, much to
the displeasure of Daivari. “The Persian Lion” would start to deliver some big kicks
to Ali to keep him down on the mat, then put him in a long headlock on the mat so
that he could wear Ali down. The two would get up, and Ali got caught with a reverse
DDT for a near fall. Daivari would continue to control the match before Mustafa Ali
hit a huge forearm, followed a Ric Flair chop(wooo), before setting up for a move
coming off the ropes rebound. Ali would come off the ropes, directly into a massive
spine buster by Daivari. Daivari then set up for a frog splash off the top ropes,
but Ali moved and began to come alive, along with the WWE Universe. Ali picked up
momentum and hit a rolling neck breaker for a near fall. Daivari went back on the
offensive soon there after, and delivered a huge arm breaker into an even bigger
lariat that turned Ali “inside out”. After a brief exchange, Ali gained back control
of the match via a middle rope tornado ddt, followed by a inverted 450 splash. The
referee made it to the count of 3, and with that, Mustafa Ali is in tonight’s main

Analysis: Wow that was actually really fun. It felt like Daivari would win the match
for most of it, but Mustafa Ali just kept fighting and fighting. Ali would finally
gain the upper-hand and hold on to it, earning him the right to compete to be the
number one contender to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

A video package aired for “The King Of The Ropes” Gran Metalik. He will make his
debut next week!

A quote from Major League Baseball legend Jackie Robinson appeared on the screen to
honor black history month, and “The Golden Lynx” Lince a Dorado made his way out to
the ring.


Kendrick made his way to the ring while cutting a promo. Kendrick says that he is
the “gatekeeper” on 205 Live. He said he’s here to “snuff out people’s dreams, with
the exception of one person”. That person is Akira Tozawa. Kendrick to Tozawa, “if
you play your cards right, The Brian Kendrick might take you under his wing, and you
can become the protege”.

Analysis: Kendrick and Tozawa are in a bit of a slow burning fued as we have seen
the past 2 weeks. I’m gunna go out on a limb and say that Tozawa isn’t gunna be a
protégé any time soon.

Kendrick and Lince Dorado shook hands to start the match, as the bell rang. Dorado
did a few flips to lure Kendrick in, before catching him in a waist lock. Reversal
by Kendrick, but the lightning quick Dorado would land on his feet. Kendrick slid
out of the ring and onto the floor, then found himself on the receiving end of a
middle rope to floor acai moonsault from Dorado. Kendrick would get back into the
ring first, still shaken from the big move on the outside, as Dorado climbed to the
top rope. Lince would jump from the top rope, but miss the move, allowing Kendrick
to take the advantage. A quick jackknife pin attempt for a 2 count on Dorado
followed. Kendrick held onto the advantage and went into a second pin attempt.
Kendrick made some attempts at applying more punishment to “The Golden Lynx”, but
Lince would fight him off with some hard chops to the chest, before delivering a
tilt o whirl back breaker to Kendrick, followed by a big boot. Lince Dorado started
to really get rolling, and jumped off of the top rope with a cross body into a pin
attempt that was reversed by Kendrick for a 2 count. The two got up and exchanged
some quick moves, before Dorado delivered an incredible handspring stunner for the
closest count to 3 you can imagine. Dorado set up for yet another move off of the
top rope, but took to long, allowing Kendrick to meet him up there. Dorado pushed
Kendrick off and went for a shooting star press, but Kendrick got his knees up and
pinned Dorado for the 1-2-NO!!! Kendrick looked on in disbelief before being caught
off guard by Dorado with a pin attempt. This seemed to only anger Kendrick, who then
applied his “Captains Hook” submission finisher to Lince, and he tapped rather
quickly, allowing Kendrick to pick up the win.

Analysis: Wow, that was good. I really thought someone would lose twice, before
Dorado actually lost the match, because the near falls were so believable. The
reason Dorado tapped SO fast, is because Kendrick applied an extra gear to his
submission finisher, as the quick and Pesky Dorado had to have angered Kendrick by
being such a tough opponent. Maybe these guys can get a feud going sometime after
Kendrick is done with Tozawa, that was fun.

After the match, Austin Aries came into the ring to conduct an interview with The
Brian Kendrick. Aries to Kendrick “what made you flip flop your opinion on Akira
Tozawa?”. Kendrick, said that usually people who don’t deserve opportunities get
them, but Tozawa is special. “We have formed a bond in the last week” said Kendrick,
who then invited Tozawa to the ring. “The Japanese Buzzsaw” Tajiris entrance music
played, but there was no sign of him on the ramp. The camera came back to the ring,
where we saw Tajiri standing behind The Brian Kendrick, as the announcers went
crazy. Tajiri sprayed the green mist from his mouth into the eyes of Kendrick, who
yelled out in pain as Tajiri looked proud himself and the fans cheered to end the

Analysis: Glad to see Tajiri back after being injured in his 205 Live debut a few
weeks back. It looks like he and Kendrick are gunna be picking up where they left
off. No sign of Tozawa, so maybe he will be headed in a different direction after
this show.

Neville was shown after the break being interviewed by Dasha Fuentes. Neville says
that tonight’s main event is an opportunity for the winner to stand across from the
self proclaimed king. He says that he’s already beaten TJ Perkins, and Jack
Gallagher is an “embarrassment to England”. Mustafa Ali reminds Neville of
“himself… 10 years ago”. Neville thinks that Cedric Alexander could be some
competition “if he gives his head a good shake and tries to focus”. As far as Noam
Dar goes, “he could barely steal Alicia Fox, so how could he still the Cruiserweight
championship” Neville ended the interview by saying “whoever wins, they are gunna
stand before me as my inferior… and bend the knee to their superior.

Next up, your 205 Live main event for episode 11

FATAL 5 WAY ELIMINATION MATCH(Winner faces Neville at Fastlane)

The match starts off with Noam Dar telling the other four that he’s gunna win. The
four then started trading blows on Dar, and Cedric Alexander threw Dar over the rope
and out on to the floor. With Dar out of the equation for the time being, Alexander
began fighting with Gallagher, as Mustafa Ali and TJ Perkins got tangled up. Perkins
launched Ali into Alexander, who threw Ali into the air, with Ali coming back down
and delivering a huge dropkick to Gallagher. This was followed by an exchange
between Perkins and Alexander, with Perkins gaining the upperhand for only a split
second before being caught from behind by Mustafa Ali, but Perkins landed on his
feet and then delivered an explosive forearm to Alexander. A double team move by Ali
and Perkins to Alexander got rid of him, and the two superstars left standing in the
ring started to exchange blows, before Noam Dar made his presence felt in the match
again, followed by Gallagher. After a bit of unintentional team work by Perkins and
Alexander, which Mustafa Ali got the worst of, Alexander went for a pin attempt on
Perkins who kicked out at two. Perkins rolled out of the ring, leaving Noam Dar and
Cedric Alexander in the ring. After some extremely powerful shots were traded, Dar
caught Alexander with a kick to the ribs, as Cedric was going for a handspring off
the ropes for a near fall. Jack Gallagher came in for a pin attempt on Dar, who was
then tossed out the ring by Gallagher. As Perkins, Alexander, and Dar got up,
Mustafa Ali tried grab the extraordinary one from behind, but he to was launched to
the outside. Gallagher started to go for a dive onto the 4 superstars, but hopped
out of the ring to grab his umbrella first. He then climbed the top ropes, and
jumped onto them with the umbrella opened, as the crowd and Corey Graves went nuts.
Gallagher would then roll Noam Dar into the ring for a quick pin attempt, and a
count of 2. Dar would go back on the offensive after this and deliver an incredibly
powerful kick straight to the shin of Gallagher. Dar would then parade around the
ring a bit, before being caught from behind by Cedric Alexander. Alexander would
deliver the “Lombard Check” finisher to Dar, and Noam Dar is the first person
eliminated. Mustafa Ali made his way back in, and he along with Alexander started an
offensive exchange, that was ended by a massive Standing Spanish Fly for the
1-2-NOPE! TJ Perkins would come in and try to gain an advantage on Cedric after
delivering a big move, but he found himself on the receiving end of a big handspring
into roundhouse kick combo by Alexander. That was followed by a move in the corner
on Perkins, as well as a kick to Gallagher who was on the outside. Alexander would
set up for a move off the top rope onto Perkins, but the already eliminated Noam Dar
came in to pull Alexanders feet out from under him, causing him to lose his footing
and come down hard onto the ropes, mid section first. That would allow TJ Perkins to
get back up, and deliver the “Detonation Kick” on Alexander, and pin him for the
second elimination of the match. Gallagher back into the ring again, followed by
Ali. Ali hit a roll through neck breaker on Gallagher, before missing an attempted
inverted 450 splash onto Jack. TJ Perkins came in to apply a submission on Ali, and
Mustafa Ali tapped out to become the third person eliminated. The final two in the
match are TJ Perkins and Jack Gallagher. Perkins went on the arch first, working on
the knee of Gallagher that had been damaged throughout the match. Perkins applied
the kneebar to the injured leg, as it looked like Gallagher was thinking about
tapping out. Gallagher would reach the ropes, forcing TJP to break the hold. Perkins
would then deliver 3 big kicks to the side of Gallaghers leg, before catching a head
butt to the ribs by the grounded Englishman. After a moment where it looked like
Jack could shake off the injuries sustained in the match, the injury caught back up
with Gallagher, allowing TJ to hit the “detonation kick”. Gallagher would rebound
off the ropes and deliver another huge head butt, followed by a pin on Perkins for
the 1-2-NO!!! Both men made it back to their feet, and TJP attempted another
“detonation kick” on Gallagher, who fought his way out with some big elbows to the
temple, followed by another head butt, and Gallagher hit a drop kick in the corner
along with a pin for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: Where to begin? That was such a fun matchup, as most are here on 205 Live.
When you add in 5 people who have the techniques and skills of those 5 to one match,
you will get a wildly entertaining match almost every time, which is what these guys
had. It was nice to see the story continuity between Alexander and Dar, but once
that played out there wasn’t to much left for the guys to play on. Besides that, all
of them showed a nice effort, especially Gallagher, who earned the right to take on
Neville for the WWE Crusierweight Championship at Fastlane. Should be a good one!!!

Well, that’s all for this weeks show. As always, I’ll be right back in the saddle
again next week with more results and analysis, right here on Drew’s Reviews. Have a
happy week!

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