Dean Ambrose Injury Update – Possible Tendon Tear, Surgery Required

In an update to an article earlier posted by PW’s Matthew Wilkinson, has officially confirmed an injury to Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose is undergoing further examination by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jeffery Dugas.

“An MRI has shown suspicion for a high-grade triceps tendon injury, possibly a tear, so he is undergoing surgical exploration and most likely surgical repair of the torn triceps tendon,” WWE Senior Ringside Physician Dr. Chris Amann told “That surgery will be happening later this evening, and we should have some further updates either later tonight or tomorrow morning as to what the findings were, what the structures that were damaged were, and also a timeline for recovery.”

We here at PW will keep you updated on that timeline, and how severe the damage to Dean Ambrose is. It should be noted that the article notes the storyline as part of the injury, so it is not known thus far the true extent of the injury, but Ambrose is definitely dealing with some sort arm issue.

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