DDP Posts Lengthy Update On His Health Condition

Diamond Dallas Page posted a lengthy update on Twitter regarding his health status after being hospitalized over the weekend due to a medical emergency involving his throat and breathing. DDP says he will be released from ICU after going through the first round of throat/breathing treatment and exercises. He will require surgery this week. He wrote:

“So Doc does his tests on me and he’s like, ‘Damn you’re sounding good and wow you’ve really put the work in! You’re still going to need the operation but you can get out of this IC Unit and Go Home if you Promise not to talk or yell Unless You Need To!’ Of course, I Promised!” Page wrote.

“I go back in to see the Dr. Carothers on Wednesday and most likely will have the operation on Thursday or Friday and get these nodules removed and whatever else has to be done once he gets in there. Again I just want to THANK YOU ALL for being so Amazing! “

Visit TwitLonger.com to read his full post.

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