Consumers go crazy for Black Friday

Black Friday was an astounding success for the UK’s retailers, which
surpassed most sales expectations.

Online store Amazon recorded orders for more than 5.5 million goods, while
London’s Oxford Street said sales for the three-day weekend are expected to
be up to 15 percent up on the same period last year.

Black Friday originated in America but is a global retail

This relatively new pre Christmas discounting event is an American import
and certainly didn’t bring out the Britishness in those eager to bag a
bargain. In Brazil it is nicknames Black Fraude-day after consumers
complained of price deception and false discounting.

The broadsheets and news channels were quick to report the barbaric tactics
shoppers took to get hold of the limited stock on the shelves. People
fighting over jumpers and coats, which were discounted at 20 percent, or
worse, shoppers stealing from other shopper’s trollies, hoping it would
deter them from fighting back. Other reactions involved arrests, fights,
biting, pinching, kicking, punching, being knocked to the ground, scrums of
people pushing through doors, people climbing over displays, attacks on
staff and people refusing to leave shops when prized stock ran out.

So why the emotional and greedy reactions to a relatively small discount?
The Boxing Day sales are by far a better deal when it comes to off-priced

The Telegraph reported that by turning shopping into a ritual, the public
is deluded into thinking that promotional pushes such as Black Friday and
Cyber Monday – the first Monday in December has become the busiest day of
the year for internet shopping – as “sensible” days to buy, when deals
abound and they will somehow “beat the system.”

This is despite the fact that such bargains are rarely what they seem. On
Friday, many complained to Which?, the consumer group, that websites had
dropped the price of some goods, only to increase the price of others. Many
shops stockpile old goods, or items bought in specifically for Black
Friday, to create the impression of virtually giving away items, when in
fact they’re still turning a healthy profit.
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