Concern Over Top Stars Being Overworked, WWE Ranks The Top 15 Families

— The WWE website has a new list up ranking the Top 15 wrestling families:

15. The DiBiases
14. The Colons
13. The Poffos
12. The Hennigs
11. The Vachons
10. The Windhams
9. The Briscos
8. The Rhodes
7. The Funks
6. The Guerreros
5. The Ortons
4. The Von Erichs
3. The AnoaŹ»i/Maivias
2. The Harts
1. The McMahons

— There is a lot of concern in WWE about talent being overworked. With so many wrestlers out of action due to suspensions and injuries, the remaining talent is left to pick up the slack – which could result in even more injuries and fatigue.

WWE Champion CM Punk and John Cena in particular are at risk of burn out, since they are working all RAW shows, many SmackDown events on top of media and charity appearances.

WWE No Way Out Results

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