Colin Kaepernick makes the Redskins look even worse

Broken legs in consecutive weeks. This weekend seeing Mark Sanchez get destroyed.

At this point, who would even want to quarterback the disastrous Redskins?

Well, Colin Kaepernick would.

The perpetual free-agent curiosity, who is alleging the NFL has blackballed him following his spearheading the protests during the national anthem that so consumed the league, would play for Washington if asked, sources told Yahoo Sports on Sunday.

That call, which would come from Daniel Snyder, is very likely not coming, which will lead to even more frustration at the organization. Yet some had wondered whether a socially conscious type like Kaepernick would even be willing to don a jersey that bears the name that many see as a slur.

According to the report, Kaepernick has remained in shape and would be ready if a team asked him to try out. When the Redskins hosted workouts following both Alex Smith and Colt McCoy breaking their legs, they wound up with a group that included NFL flameouts Sanchez, Josh Johnson, Kellen Clemens, T.J. Yates and EJ Manuel.

Washington admitted Kaepernick’s name came up when quarterbacks were being bandied about, but said he was not the right fit.

“There’s not a lot of time to get a brand-new quarterback and a system installed and taught in a couple of days,” coach Jay Gruden told reporters Tuesday. “He has been talked about and discussed for sure, but we will probably go in a different direction.”

Also a wrong fit: Sanchez, who went 6-of-14 for 38 yards and two interceptions against the Giants. Johnson will get the start next week.

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