CM Punk Reveals What 'CM' Stands For, Maryse Update, Skinner's Son Quits

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— CM Punk revealed what the ‘CM’ in his name stands for at an AIDS event he attended two weeks ago. He told the crowd that it stands for ‘Cookie Master’, a nickname that dates back to childhood, courtesy of his mother. “I was a fat little kid very fond of cookies so my mother called me Cookie Master,” he said. This was revealed in this article in The Mississauga News.

— Maryse Ouellet is still down in Florida Championship Wrestling. She is now managing the son of ‘The Million Dollar Man’, Ted DiBiase Jr.

— The son of former WWE star Steve “Skinner” Keirn was training to be a wrestler at Florida Championship Wrestling’s facilities. However, the son recently quit, which was the talk of things down there because Keirn runs Florida Championship Wrestling.

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