Chyna Says Triple H Should Have Been Honest When He Was Having An Affair

Chyna, who is clamoring for a return to WWE via Twitter, continues to comment on Triple H’s romantic affair with Stephanie McMahon over a decade ago.

When asked how she discovered Hunter was having an affair with Stephanie, she replied, “I found a love letter that Stephanie sent to Hunter while we were together.”

A follower told her to take the high road. Chyna, however, feels: “I have taken the high road for years. Taking the high road cost me my job.”

She adds further, “I can’t stop true love, but be honest with me about it.”

Despite her grievances with Triple H and Stephanie, Chyna says she has no problem working with them again in WWE since “it’s business, not personal.”

Meanwhile, Chyna posted a YouTube video Thursday night confirming the Twitter account as legitimate.

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