Chris Jericho's New Travel Channel Show, Great Khali's Top Moments, More

– Chris Jericho’s new Travel Channel special is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, October 10th at 10pm EST. The show is set to feature the former WWE Superstar searching for “swamp creatures” in the swamps of Southern Louisiana. The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows:

“WWE champion and famed author, musician and podcaster Chris Jericho has had a lifelong fascination with the unexplained. Now, he is on a terrifying mission to uncover the truth behind the fearsome swamp creatures believed to inhabit the swamps of Southern Louisiana. Wading deep into bayou country, Jericho searches for evidence of a legendary creature known as Rougarou, and a Sasquatch-like beast that roams the Honey Island Swamp. Is there a connection between these monsters? And what of the curse put on the region by infamous voodoo priestess Julia Brown in the early 1900s? Jericho encounters compelling proof from eyewitnesses, physical evidence and a startling revelation from beyond the grave.”

– As noted, The Great Khali celebrates his 46th birthday today. In honor of the big man’s birthday, WWE released the following video looking at the top five moments of his career.

– WWE posted the following to give fans a look ahead at what to expect on the WWE Network this week.

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