Cat swiped by LI nanny returned to owners who wanted to put it down

Tigger the tabby could be back on death row.

A Long Island nanny who swiped her boss’s elderly cat to save it from euthanasia says the pet is now back with the owners who wanted to kill the kitty — after cops came and took him from her home.

“I’m afraid they may kill Tigger,” nanny-turned-cat burglar Rebecca Katz said between sobs Tuesday.

The 33-year-old cat burglar walked away from her job with Tigger, 15, in her arms on July 2 — because her employers were going to put him down.

Nassau County Court Judge Rhonda Fischer told prosecutors last week to hold off on issuing a search warrant to retrieve the cat, pending a hearing Wednesday into the cat’s health and custody.

But cops showed up at Katz’s Oceanside home Monday with an unrelated outstanding bench warrant for her husband — and then used the opportunity to take the kitty, she said.

“My husband was home and they pushed their way in,” Katz recounted.

Her lawyer claimed the retrieval was an “abuse of process.”

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“For them to go to this length to threaten someone with arrest on an unrelated matter to convince them to turn over the cat is just wrong, plain and simple,” attorney Carolyn Sanchez said.

Sanchez said the pet was then returned to original owners Russell and Julie Berman, who have claimed the feline is sick and should be put down, court documents show.

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Julie Berman refused to comment on where Tigger is now or what the family plans on doing with him, but said she had nothing to do with the cops’ actions, adding: “I hear you. It’s crazy.”

A Nassau County Police spokesman insisted the department knew nothing of the incident.

“No one has heard anything about the cat,” he said.

Katz, 33, turned herself in to cops for the cat-napping last month and was charged with petit larceny then released on probation.

She says she’s since spent more than $1,000 on vet bills for Tigger — but denies he’s terminally ill.

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