Braun Strowman On What He Told Nicholas After Relinquishing Titles, MITB Expectations, His Typical Breakfast

Braun Strowman was recently interviewed by Denise Salcedo for Red Carpet Report where he discussed what he told Nicholas after giving up the Tag Team Titles and what to expect at Money In The Bank and more.

A typical breakfast:

“It just depends, a lot of the time on what I am doing or what’s going on but I am a big eater. Usually, if I am going to Waffle House or something I would order; 10 eggs but only four yolks, two grilled chicken breasts, a double order of hash browns, orange juice and a coffee that would probably get me started.”

What to expect next from Braun:

” Oh man, you never know with any given day what I am up to out there, sometimes I get in a bad mood and somebody is gonna get these hands.”

What he told Nicholas:

“You never know, I told him that he has to do school first and foremost. I preach that to every youngster out there, do your school work, because you only get one chance at life, so do it while you’re young and it’s easy. If he does good with his grades and I’m feeling froggy, I might just give him a phone call and take those titles back.”

What to expect at Money In The Bank:

“Destruction. Destruction, destruction, destruction. That’s it, you put me in a match with pretty much no rules with weapons around, look forward to people getting slung around and Braun doing what Braun does best.”

Please, H/T for any transcriptions used.

Source :

Red Carpet Report

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