Bobby Roode Talks About Changing His Look For WWE In The Past & More

NXT World Champion Bobby Roode recently appeared as a guest on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness for an interview.

During the discussion, Roode spoke about changing his look in the past based on requests by former WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis.

“There was a time I had bleach blonde [hair],” Roode told Edge and Christian. “For a period of time, I wore bleach blonde hair. I had a nice purple cape. Actually, I made Velocity, so that footage is out there. So honestly, the craziest thing is, like, I wanted to be a part of the WWE so bad, I wanted to be a part of the business so bad, that I would do anything. I was doing whatever they asked me to do, like, at times, I just thought Johnny Ace was ribbing me because every time I’d go there, he’d go, ‘well, I think you need to do something different. I think next time you should do this, next time you should do that. Maybe you should do this, maybe you should do that.’ So every time I would come back, I would look different or try to have some new gear or something different that made me kind of stick out. There [were] some questionable times, definitely, with my appearance.”

“The Glorious One” also spoke about being told, along with his friend Eric Young, that the two were “too TV ready” to be placed under WWE developmental deals. Roode admitted that this ultimately fueled him to push harder.

“I think the worst, and I’m going to say ‘excuse’, is, yeah, was that… and I was told that EY and I, at the same time, we were together and Johnny Ace said we were ‘too TV ready’ to be put in developmental,” said Roode. “So basically that we were too good at that point to get a job, which was baffling, which is baffling. But looking back on it, it was good for me because it kind of like set a fire in me. And then, of course, TNA came along and then it was like, ‘okay, this is my opportunity and here we go.'”

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